notes taken in a minute

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The smartest way of taking notes

Taking meeting notes now is as easy as meeting itself. Just turn on your tablet, connect an earpiece and your good to go. SMARTNOTATION is speech controled. Once a note, an action or a decisions has been agreed, just speak to register. When the minutes of the meeting has been finalized, you can send it to your team members inside and outside the company.

Voice Driven

Taking and processing meeting minutes in general take a lot of valuable time. Voice driven noting with SMARTNOTATION not only increases productivity, but it is introducing an far more efficient way of taking and reviewing meeting minutes. Talk to us!

Smart Design

SMARTNOTATION has been optimized for tablets. It is minimalistic and intuitive. Icons are self-explanatory and where needed supported by text. Colors have been chosen to focus on taking notes and navigation is everywhere. Let us show you!

No Overhead

Notes should be right to the point. It should avoid overhead using less or no paper, no storage on various locations, searchable meeting notes to easy track notes and an one time effort to prepare meetings notes . Let us prove it!

Our customers

Customers value our authentic approach of preparing meeting minutes. We believe in right to the point notes. This principle is based on taking notes, actions and decisions in a S.M.A.R.T. way. That is all you need to do your job. Too much text distracts, has no value in most of the cases and takes valuable time to write it down. SMARTNOTATION supports the right to the point principle, but is also very much capable to register more extended notes, actions and decisions if you prefer. Download the SMARTNOTATION app to start taking your notes in a minute!